QuickMSG usage

What is needed

An email address at a provider that offers IMAP access and SMTP submission. (pretty much any provider).


When first using the application no settings will be set. You will be prompted if this is the case. If you want to use a gmail account for sending messages you can enter your display name and enter your gmail address and password. If you want to use another email provider you can press Cancel and use the settings menu and fill in the fields with details for your account. When entering your email addres for the first time the application will generate a set of public and private keys for this address. This might take a while!

Example settings using gmail:

Adding contacts

In order to send messages we need the receipients public key, and the recepient needs ours. There are two ways to add new contacts and their keys:

Creating a group

Creating a new group is easy: in the 'Group and Contact list' select the menu option 'Add group'. You will be asked to give the group a name. When pressing 'OK' a new group will be created. You will be the owner of the group and you will be its only member.

New group
1/2/14 1:23 PM
Adding members can be done by long cliking on the group (a short click will view the group posts) and selecting 'Set members'. Select all contacts you want in this group and press 'OK'.
New group
foo@example.com bar@example.com
1/2/14 1:23 PM

Sending an image or video

Go to the gallery and select the image or video to send. 'QuickMSG' should be available as a share option. You can then select the contact or group to send the media to.